A little about us. 

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by.  Ink-a-zoid Tattoos is a popular tattoo studio located in Kingsport, Tennessee. They have been serving the Tri-cities since 2010 and are known for their exceptional tattoo art and customer service. The tattoo studio is run by a team of experienced and professional tattoo artists with a passion for creating high-quality tattoos that exceed their clients' expectations.

The studio offers a wide range of tattoo designs that cater to various preferences, from traditional tattoos to custom designs. They specialize in black and grey tattoos, full color tattoos, portraits, American traditional,  Neo-traditional, custom tattoo designs. Anything is possible. They even specialize in cover-up tattoos.

One of the things that make Ink-a-zoid Tattoos stand out is their commitment to providing clean and safe tattoos. They use only high-quality tattoo equipment and adhere to strict hygiene standards. They also ensure that their shop is properly sanitized, and all tattoo artists are licensed, trained, and experienced.

Another notable thing about the studio is their approach to tattooing. They work closely with their clients to understand what they want and ensure that they are satisfied with the final result. They also provide guidance on choosing the right tattoo design, placement, and aftercare.

Ink-a-zoid Tattoos is a welcoming and friendly environment that makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed. No small children are allowed in this shop. The studio has a loyal customer base, and their clients rave about their professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail.

Overall, Ink-a-zoid Tattoos is an excellent tattoo studio within driving distance from JohnsonCity or Bristol, that provides exceptional tattoo art and customer service. Their commitment to clean and safe tattoos, personalized approach, and friendly environment make them stand out in the industry. If you're looking for a high-quality tattoo artist or tattoo shop "near me," Ink-a-zoid Tattoos should definitely be on your list. They are open late 7 days a week.